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In collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), WBFI has planned to hold the first International Tournament for wheelchair basketball tournament in India in the month of November 2022.  

Organizing such an event is going to be tremendously beneficial to persons with disabilities in India and will showcase the sport well at wheelchair basketball in India.

This international tournament will be a highly publicised event as it will be conducted in association with our long-standing partner, the ICRC. The media exposure for our players and WBFI, along with the networking opportunities with international teams and federations from other countries is going to be of great service to this vision.

The ICRC is financing major portion of the expenses by paying for the travel, food and accommodation for the teams coming from abroad and much more. The ICRC pledge to bear the amount approx.  INR 3.5 Crore to organise the first international wheelchair basketball tournament in India.


Teams Participating

Men's team

  1. Libya

  2. Afghanistan

  3. Lebanon

  4. Syria

  5. India

  6. Bangladesh

  7. Nepal

  8. Gaza

Women's team

  1. Cambodia

  2. Nepal

  3. India


  1. ICRC: 3.75 crores towards food and accommodation for all participating teams at the Jaypee Golf resorts, Rental towards 2 wooden flooring basketball courts. communications, media, and banners. Flight tickets for Team India from the Training Centre to Delhi (tournament venue).

  2. Men’s training centre: ( Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research , 

  3. Women's training centre: (Srinagar, J&K).

  4. RK: Sponsoring India team Jersey for Men and Women.

  5. Central Bank of India

  6. Jain Metals Group

  7. Subash Auto Enterprises

  8. Various Individual sponsors

In Colaboration with

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Associate Sponsors

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