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Jess Markt is an international wheelchair basketball coach and consultant specializedJess Markt

International Wheelchair Basketball Coach

Jess Markt is an international wheelchair basketball coach and consultant specialized in organizing leagues and training players in developing countries around the world. First as a volunteer, then as a consultant to the International Committee of the Red Cross, Jess has helped lead the development of wheelchair basketball in Afghanistan. Today, Jess is the head coach of the Afghanistan men’s and women’s national wheelchair basketball teams.
Jess also has conducted training camps and helped organize sustainable wheelchair basketball programs in India, Palestine, and Cambodia. Jess visted India twice and have trained players in New Delhi, Chennai and Pune.
Jess is also the head coach of the Denver Rolling Nuggets of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association’s (NWBA’s) Championship Division and the Lady Rolling Nuggets of the NWBA’s Women’s Division. He is a strategic communications consultant in addition to his work coaching wheelchair basketball.

Manoj Soma, CEO, Choice International

Manoj Soma

CEO, Choice International.
Manoj has a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and he has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), where he was recently awarded Fellow CIPD in recognition for his outstanding contribution to the field. He is also a member of the Institute of Equality and Diversity practitioners (IEDP).

Manoj is a member of the International Disability Development Committee (UKDPC) and he has significant experience in International Disability Development. He has been involved in many international development projects, including managing projects and advising NGOs in disability equality.

He introduced Wheelchair Basketball to India and visited India three times to coach players and coaches in wheelchair Basketball.

Mark Walker, Coach, Australia :- Mark Walker has competed at Paralympic level with the AustralianMark Walker

Coach, Australia

Mark Walker has competed at Paralympic level with the Australian Wheelchair Basketball team and at the Atlanta games in the US he was part of a team to win the first ever gold medal for Australia. He has also represented Australia as coach, competing at national level in 1993, 1995, and 1996, and won the ‘coach of the tournament’ award in 1995. Mark has also developed domestic basketball at a local level, working with children from 4 through to 19 years of age. Alongside his own club he runs camps and clinics as part of the consultancy work he offers.

Mark’s coaching career has also taken him beyond Australia, to coach in geographical areas as diverse as Thailand (1997), South Africa (1999), and South Korea (2007,2010). He has challenged himself by taking on teams presenting new and interesting challenges depending on the stage of the tournament and the players he has had to work with. In 2011 he participated in the Master Class Coaching Clinic in Moscow, Russia. Mark has worked with both male and female teams which, he says, respond to different teaching methods.

Mark has gained experience of promoting disabled sports to the media, including working with television and radio. The current focus of Mark’s sparkling career is as Coaching Director where his role is to develop coaches’ skills along with the athletes in their charge.

Along with all the able bodied coaching he has done he has coached Australian teams for deaf basketball, and those with intellectual disability in which he coached the first Men’s Paralympic team at the test games in Madrid in 1992.

Mark visited India twice, travelled to Delhi, Kerala, karnataka and Tamil Nadu and coached 200 players in wheelchair basketball.

Arom Voerman, Netherlands. :- Aram Voerman, born as Datta Ram in Calcutta, India was left behindArom Voerman


Aram Voerman, born as Datta Ram in Calcutta, India was left behind by his parents in a hospital as he had polio. People from Netherlands adopted Aram and introduced him to sports as a rehabilitation after which there was no looking back. He has several european titles in Swimming and Athletics.

Participated in wheelchair basketball European championship, Euro league, member of wheelchair basketball National team in 2008, German division matches and final in National team in 2008.

Now he is a professional and trained coach for wheelchair basketball and has conducted numerous clinics in Europe. Manager of a op band, Aram visited India twice and trained players in wheelchair basketball from ISIC, New Delhi, CMC Vellore and other state players.