About Us

Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India, WBFI is a registered National body. Our main objective is to promote wheelchair basketball sport in India. Since inception in 2014, we have organised workshops in Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu reaching out to around 256 persons with physical impairments who participated enthusiastically in the workshop and learnt how to play wheelchair basketball.


Our vision is to enable large-scale participation and following for wheelchair basketball as a means to empower physically-challenged persons and to nurture strong state-level and national teams for Wheelchair Basketball in India.


  • Promote development of wheelchair Basketball as a sport and entertainment in India
  • Facilitate mass following and participation in wheelchair basketball
  • Develop and support high quality state level and national teams for wheelchair basketball
  • Facilitate development of world class infrastructure and training facilities for WCB in India
  • Inculcate leadership, sportsmanship, good citizenship and confidence among WCB sports persons
  • Network with international bodies, Government agencies, scientific bodies, sports bodies, institutions of national importance like ISIC, etc., to develop sports science and technology for wheelchair basketball
  • Advocacy for supportive policy environment for paralympic sport in India
  • Develop a Sustainable financing model to achieve the mission.


IWBF-125x100International wheelchair Basketball Federation has recognised WBFI and we are placed under Asia Oceania zone. PCI has given affiliation to WBFI to organise and promote wheelchair basketball sport in India.